Cogels Osylei: the most beautiful street of Antwerp


During my last European trip, I visited Antwerp, second biggest harbor of Europe and known as the city of diamonds. As always I went to the touristical office, grabbed a touristical map and started my trip. I visited the Cathedral, the 'Grote Markt', the Meir with the 'Rubenshuis', the Zoo, the beautiful central train station, the 'Museum aan de Stroom' (MAS) and many other beautiful places recommended on my touristical map. I have to admit, the beauty of Antwerp suprised me.


However, the biggest suprise was the discovery of what I believe is the most beautiful street of Antwerp (actually of all the places I have ever been), namely the Cogels Osylei.


Purely by accident (I got lost) I discovered this street. I have never seen so many beautiful and impressive houses in one street. The architectural richness and diversity of this Cogels Osylei was breath taking.


I opened my touristical map to find more information about the Cogels Osylei. Another shocking suprise, ...




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