Why a website about the Cogels Osylei in Antwerp?

During my last European trip, I decided to visit Antwerp, second biggest harbor of Europe and known as the city of diamonds. As always I went to the touristical office, grabbed a touristical map and started my trip. I visited the Cathedral, the 'Grote Markt', the Meir with the 'Rubenshuis', the zoo, the 'Museum aan de Stroom' and many other beautiful places recommended on my touristical map. I have to admit, the beauty of Antwerp suprised me.


However, the biggest suprise, was the discovery of what I believe is the most beautiful street of Antwerp (actually of all the places I have ever been), namely the Cogels Osylei. Purely by accident (I got lost) I discovered this street. I have never seen so many beautiful and impressive houses in one street. The architectural richness and diversity was amazing.


I opened my touristical map to find more information about the Cogels Osylei. Another shocking suprise, but this time not a positive one ... the Cogels Osylei was not even mentionned on my touristical map. Such a shame! Lucky for me that I accidentaly found this real architectural diamond.


Back home I decided to make this website to promote the Cogels Osyelei, as I strongly believe every tourist loving architecture visiting Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium, yes even Europe, should take some time to visit the Cogels Osylei.


Arun Devaraj, Pune, India